Our Journey

Preet and Diva’s love story started with food, but it was their passion for creating something special that brought them together in business. Their expertise in their respective fields made them a dynamic duo that was bound for success.
With Preet’s background in hospitality and experience in food and fintech startups, he knew how to make a product stand out and how to increase its reach. Meanwhile, Diva’s 10 years of hands-on baking experience and culinary genius made her the perfect partner to create innovative and delicious confections.
Their brand, Varak, started out as a small operation run from home in February 2020. But with the couple’s dedication and commitment, the brand grew organically through word of mouth. They provided a fresh taste of clean confectionery to the city and offered a range of desserts beyond just cake that were perfect for any celebration or appreciation.
As their business grew, so did their team. They now have 11 people working for them, and their products are available across the UAE with a 14-hour prior notice. Every product is made to order, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and made with care.
Their hard work paid off when they opened their first boutique in November 2021. This was a major milestone for the couple-owned brand, and it was a testament to their determination and commitment to creating something special together.
Preet and Diva’s story is an inspiration for anyone looking to start a business with their significant other. With the right combination of skills, passion, and dedication, anything is possible.