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Gone are the days when cakes were just a form of sweet food made by whisking together flour, sugar and flavors. Cakes have evolved with time, just like fashion. And we at Varak are proud to be a part of the transition.


Finger sized bites of indulgences in a variety of flavors. Sure to make you go nuts. The crunch makes them brittle to bite on, till the flavors melt in your mouth. You can’t just have one. Our signature Brittles are just a sojourn leading to memorable tastes at Varak. Keep savouring.


Quintessentially an English dessert, trifles are layers of sponge cake, mousse, custard or cream. At Varak we add another layer to this layered dish and it’s called Love.


Sumptuous Tea cakes made to travel farther and last longer. There is no icing on these cakes but there is something extra that makes them special anyway - The Varak Touch. Curated to make your travels from nowhere to anywhere taste a lot more memorable.

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